Audio lesson based coaching to reduce unwanted device use.

An alternative to breathing based mediation apps.

Affordable and accessible at £4.99 for our early adopters.

30+ Coaching audio lessons and writing prompts to help you improve your digital habits.


Build up a personal and inspirational journal as you progress through the lessons. 

Six packs to help you focus on keys areas of your digital life.


Instagram and click-bait websites used to be a major time drain for me, but now I hardly use them. Since I've freed up time, energy and attention as a result of the programme, I've been re-directing it towards a number of personal projects instead."


I really enjoyed the challenge of Digital Cooldown. It opened up loads of time and helped me focus on what I want to do. After a few days of the cool down, I actually felt different - it's hard to describe, but the world somehow felt more real.


There were beautiful moments of recognition that I'm not alone in some of my struggles, some really memorable aha moments and insights.


The workshop was a great space for reflecting on the reasons why we’re so attached to our devices and the negative effects of compulsive digital tech use. 


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