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I work with corporations, individuals and schools to run digital wellbeing workshops. If you would like me to run a digital wellbeing workshop for your organisation or school, fill in the form below.

Thank you! I will get in touch soon.




"There were beautiful moments of recognition that I'm not alone in some of my struggles, some really memorable aha moments and insights,"


"The powerful part of that was making me think hard about what’s underlying the relationship and negative emotions I have towards it, and my own behaviour with it -  what inside me is insecure that these companies are playing on and manipulating?"


"The workshop was a great space for reflecting on the reasons why we’re so attached to our devices and the negative effects of compulsive digital tech use," 

About me
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I've helped to facilitate workshops and discussions at School21 with young people on tech and mental health, working with States of Mind. I've spoken at Glimpse and a Tech & Mental Health panel at Woodhouse College. I developed my own online programme to help me overcome my worst online habits that transformed my relationship to the internet after years of frustration.

I believe in taking a holistic and empathetic approach to digital wellbeing, looking at the our lives away from a screen as well on them. Digital Cooldown helps to support people who want to improve their online habits in a positive and practical way.

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